About us

Blue Lemon Consulting

Blue Lemon Consulting is an independent niche agency focused on marketing and communications strategy, content marketing and brand events. With  broad agency backgrounds we understand how to create, design, negotiate and manage integrated and engagement-driven brand activations across all touch points and disciplines. The agency is driven by its two founders who are senior agency and marketing professionals. Through our extensive network of international specialists and eclectic talents we create and manage dedicated, effective teams for each client assignment. We work seamlessly and pragmatically with other agencies and consultants on a regular basis. Always with a mission to deliver transformative results.
QuoteWe understand how to create, design, negotiate and manage integrated and engagement driven brand activations across all touch points and disciplines. 

Our ways of working

We have three guiding principles for our ways of working:

1. We offer a flexible and results-driven approach to marketing and communications. We always begin at the front-end of the process where we dig deep to create a strategy that addresses the right problems. Along the creative process and activation steps we offer turnkey executional capabilities based on proven mechanisms and communication programs. As a result we execute brand and marketing ideas everywhere from TV to social media, online to mobile, events to white papers, media partnerships to content production etc.Modell 1

2. Based on target audience insights we create the optimal content mix of branded content, brand experiences, storytelling and external thought leaders to offer the knowledge and inspiration required to break through the clutter and have meaningful impact for your target audience. Done right, branded content transfers knowledge, delivers thought leadership, and drive innovative perspectives. The applied creativity has the power to intrigue, connect and cause people to spend time with a brand, and we know that engagement has real business impact. We activate brand experiences and branded content by using our amplification model, the bow-tie model, to maximize the effects of every investment.Modell 2

3. We always apply an integrated and neutral approach to every assignment. We have processes in place and a longstanding experience of both being the specialists in integrated marketing teams for brands such as ABSOLUT, Electrolux, Adidas, ÌKEA etc., and also being the ones leading such teams. Ultimately it’s about utilizing a budget and make sure you spend it where it delivers the best results, in a coordinated and orchestrated fashion with short, medium and long-term goals in mind. Our “ego-less” approach and broad experience as directors at leading advertising agencies, media agencies, event agencies and content agencies give us the advantage of understanding everyone’s skillsets, roles and driving forces.